Antibiotics and Mirena Effectiveness

Antibiotics and IUD Effectiveness – The general answer is that the Antibiotics and IUD Effectiveness depends on what kinds of IUDs and what kind of antibiotics you use.

How about Antibiotics and MirenaEffectiveness ?

I have had an Mirena 6 months ago. In the recent days, I took antibiotics for a prolonged cold treatment and I did not think about the Antibiotics and IUD Effectiveness. As I knew that it can happen on the birth control pill but I have no idea about Antibiotics and IUD Effectiveness.

I do some research and the answer depends on what kind of IUD we use.

Antibiotics and IUD Effectiveness

With other hormone contraceptives like birth control pill, the antibiotic can effect the efficacy by interfering with the absorption of the hormone.

However with the Mirena, even if the antibiotic does interfere with the absorption – which is rarely happens because there are only 2 kinds of antibiotic that can affect the absorption of the hormone. do-antibiotics-affect-mirena

The Mirenais in your womb and its existence keep you from getting pregnant – in the same ways as the copper coil do. The Mirenastops the sperm and egg from surviving in the womb or in fallopian tubes. It may also does keep fertilised eggs from implanting in the womb. The progestogen hormone with the IUD releasing directly into your womb help to prevent you from getting pregnant efficiently. The amount of hormone is just an additional/a backup step, not the main one. So you should not be worried about the Antibiotics and Mirena Effectiveness.

The reason that the oral contraceptives lose their effectiveness when taking antibiotics is because of one of the effects of antibiotics is to kill the good bacteria in our intestines that support necessary aid in digestion. Digestion is impaired, which is why you may experience diarrhea. Obviously if you do not absorb your food, you do not absorb the related hormones in your pill either!

Beside Antibiotics and Mirena Effectiveness, drugs or herbal products that induce enzymes that metabolize progestins may decrease the serum concentrations of progestins.

Any changes in the serum concentrations of progestin have been said in some cases of co-administration with HIV/AIDS protease inhibitors or with non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Reading the label of all used drugs to obtain detailed information about Antibiotics and Mirena Effectiveness or the potential for enzyme alterations.